5/3/1 and High School Powerlifting

5/3/1 and High School Powerlifting

From Jim: I received this email last week from Aaron Maves.  He is one of the coaches at Elk Mound High School in Elk Mound, Wisconsin.  I love hearing stories like this; kids discovering weight training and learning about strength and the effects of effort and discipline.  And the magic of work ethic.

While I do appreciate the kind words towards me, all of the credit goes to the kids and the coaches.  The kids made a commitment and worked their butts off - the coaches set high standards/expectations and made sure the kids' reached them. 

Elk Mound Powerlifting; Lifting Weights, Crushing Doubt


My name is Aaron Maves, I coach powerlifting at Elk Mound High School in Wisconsin. 

We have had a powerlifting team for 8 years; we've had 4 different head coaches for various reasons. I have been involved from the start. This year I got named as co-head coach. We started using 5/3/1 and the kids started showing a ton of improvement. We just got back from USAPL High School Nationals in Denver this weekend. 

We have never had a National Champion, we have had some great kids in the top five, but couldn't ever get it put together. This year we had two female National Champions. We won Female Raw Team, Raw Combined Team, and took second in Male Raw Team. Jim, it was all because of you and your programming. My kids were so strong I couldn't load enough on the bar. They were hitting huge PR's for third attempts and blowing them up. I was blown away. Jim, you have changed my kids' lives and that of many others. 

Thank you!
Aaron Maves
Elk Mound High School Powerlifting



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